• Kittens, generally, but full-grown cats, no. Even a 6-month old kitten is really too big to do so safely. Once they get heavier, although you can keep hold of them by the scruff of the neck for control, they also need some support under them for their weight. Otherwise the skin can tear, or they can simply have the skin pulled so tight around their necks that they strangle. Weight makes a big difference. For larger kittens and full-grown cats, keep something under their back legs or haunches, or belly if that is all you can do. But by no means let all their weight hang from your grip on the scruff.
  • I used to do it to my kitten, but now he is a cat, and when i do it he meows in pain. So it is not a good idea to do it to them when they are adults.
  • 2-23-2017 If you watch, you will see that mama does not lift by the skin, she gets ahold of the shoulders. You can hold a grown cat by the skin of the neck, but only lift the weight with your other hand under the body.

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