• A SIMPLE blood test commonly used to measure kidney function is a highly accurate predictor of heart attack and stroke in patients with high blood pressure, a new study indicates. People with high levels of the substance creatinine in their blood were five times more likely to die of heart attack or stroke than those with low levels, researchers said. Creatinine is a natural byproduct of the breakdown of muscle tissue. It is found in the blood and excreted in the urine. High levels of it in the blood indicate that the kidney is unable to cleanse it from the body. In light of the new findings, patients with high blood pressure should have their creatinine levels tested at least once annually, the scientists said. If the levels are high, patients should probably seek more intensive treatment or take further precautions against heart disease, like losing weight, lowering cholesterol or cutting down on smoking.
  • In addition to the excellent info given by Trouble, it also can indicate primary kidney disease or damage. My husband is waiting for a kidney transplant; Creatinine is one of the levels we watch most closely.
  • I have normal blood pressure,normal cholestrol levels, not diabetic.I have been taking 400mg Ibuprofen a day and 2x2 tbls Paracetamol per day for a year. Can this give high Creatinin levels ( about 300)?
  • possible kidney problems

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