• You don't have to prepare much, because first they inject this numbing solutio, which is only a quick pinch. Then once you're numb, the extraction doesn't hurt at all. Good luck :)
  • I have had a couple removed so I am a veteran at this. It's more of a case of severe pressure when the dentist is tugging away at the teeth. My molars suck so I have had my fair share of dentist visits. That first novocaine injection hurts like a SOB. Make sure you get at least three injections per tooth. The What really hurts is when he cracks the tooth because of your roots and the nerves involved. Don't sweat it and just use the Larry the Cable Guy technique and "Get 'er Done". Don't forget to smile :)
  • If they need to be surgically removed, they will hurt like hell when the novocaine wears off. Usually with ANY extraction, they will give you enough pain killers for about 4 days. That helps a lot. If your dentist offers laughing gas (nitrous), I would recommend it because if you feel like they are too vigorous while taking the tooth out, you can inhale thru your nose and suck up as much nitrous as possible and exhale thru your mouth. Also that is a relaxation technique. With the nitrous, you won't care what they are pulling out.
  • Depends on the quality of the dentist. I had one that hurt like hell, and put me of dentists for years, and a couple that were hardly worse than having a filling.
  • I two extractions the put me to sleep when I woke up it was all done.

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