• Most store brands are made by one of the name brand companies and the brands are generally pretty comparable.
  • I am from a big family and my mom tries to save as much as she can. We tried some off-brand in a 5 gallon bucket from Sam's Club (don't remember the brand) and it didn't do as well as Tide so we switched back.
  • I always buy Costco's detergent and have never had a problem with it.
  • Year-to-year clothing--in one year, out the next, I shop generic. That way, they're cheap and if they fall apart, no problem. For classic pieces, I usually go with a brand name I know from past usage carries great fabrics, strong lines and washes nicely.
  • the big difference is is the perfumes and amount of filler. You can tell how much filler is in a soap by the amount required for a wash - Even though a big-box looks cheaper by weight - if it calls for a cup of detergent, and another 1/4 cup... double check the math before you buy...
  • if it doesnt irritate your skin and gets your clothes clean...well, thats all that matters!
  • I don't think it matters. I love Costco's kirkland brand. I don't see anything wrong with it and it smells great!
  • Price doesn't matter but I have to say that I like my Tide powder detergent. The Kirkland powder does not dissolve well in the wash. However, I don't mind any of their other cleaning products.

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