• That would depend on whether they educated themselves to the extent that they could offer an informed opinion on the subject.
  • Yeah, sort of. I mean, how do they define "real" art? What makes them the judge of what is "real" art and what isn't?
  • Not at all, Art can mean something different to different people. I'm not simple minded, thanks for asking, but some modern art is not what I would call art.
  • I know a lot of very learned people who are skeptical about modern art. I think it has a lot to do with quantity. The "classical" art that we enjoy today still exists because it is protected. In its time, it was just one piece among many other inferior ones which are now gone. Looking at only the classic art in isolation, it can appear that some golden age of complete brilliance once existed, and obviously that's not the truth. The best of today's "modern" art will eventually become tomorrow's recognized classic work. In the mean time, we have to acknowledge that there IS a lot of crap out there to wade through, and not be too discouraged while we look for the real gems. :)
  • No. What one appreciates in art is subjective therefore the only opinion that counts is your own.
  • Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean you're simple minded. Isn't ignorant a better word?
  • I wouldn't say simple-minded (apart from anything else, that would be rude.) but I find it hard to follow their thinking. To me the fact that something's in an art gallery, you're looking at it and discussing it's merits makes it art. It doesn't mean you have to LIKE it. I think people use the phrase "that's not art." as a substitute for "I think that's a bit silly." or "I don't like that." In many ways I consider modern art more art than certain more traditional kinds. If you have a bowl of fruit in front of you, and you draw it, and it looks axactly like the bowl of fruit in front of you - is that really art, or is it just drawing? Art seems to imply some kind of creative process, rather than an exact reproduction of a random object.

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