• I have one sister similar to me, very quiet. Two sisters that are completely opposite very outgoing and noisy. They could both talk for the universe in the Olympics. They are completely different in many other ways but they are the most obvious personality differences.
  • My sister and I are similar in a couple of ways, but for the most part she and I are nothing alike. My brothers and I are complete opposites. You'd never think we were raised by the same parents.
  • i only have 1 brother and he is the total opposite of me. he is just out of control. we are nothing alike in any way.
  • Yes, I have a brother that's two years older than me. We had a psych class together, and the teacher commented how unusual it is for siblings to be such opposites. the weird thing is that we get along great, and he's more of a good friend. here's some examples. He's great at math/computers, I'm good at English/history. He enjoys indoor-hermit life, I love the outdoors. He prefers smoking, I prefer drinking I love getting my hands dirt, he's a dirt freak. He's more conservative, I'm more democratic He's picky about what he eats, I don't care as long as it's edible.
  • I wear dark/black clothes, wristbands, eyeliner, listen to punk/emo/classic rock... My brother wears polo shirts and khaki shorts, Abercrombie and American Eagle stuff, listens to the "Top 40" music. Basically, a preppy whiny mama's boy baby. We look nothing alike, either. Both him and my other full brother look alike, and me and my half brother and sister look alike. It's kind of funny actually. xD
  • Only my older sister she likes all the things that i don't and she's so loud and I'm quiet. My other sister is a lot like me and my two brothers too so get along most of the times.
  • my sister is 6 years older than me, we look like twins and like some things the same. but she's a very angry person! i'm more laid back and dont like confrontation, unlike her.
  • Oldest brother is laid back outdoor activities. Youngest brother is a doctor and loves to kyak,hike,bike,marathons and sailing. Oldest sister is laid back loves to do crafts and sews. Youngest sister is an excerise nut. And me the middle sister...I hate to excerise,don't do crafts or sew. I am laid back,funny and a clean freak.
  • My sister is 11 1/2 months older than I am and we are nothing alike. She is the type that causes drama for attention and makes choices without caring who it hurts (even if it her children). I would rather have harmony than drama and be out of the limelight and the needs and happiness of my family are the first consideration in any decision making.
  • my sister got married at 18 and spends her whole life at home with her kids. I'm a sales manager and cover Eastern Europe, Middle East and travel abroad twice a month, but we both love our lives.
  • i am the oldest of six -- four girls and two boys --- all of us are different --- but one of my sisters is my opposite in looks and actions --- she is 5-2 blond and i am 5-8 brown --- she is a girly girl with high heals and i am flip flops and sweats --
  • Yes. I'm laid back, and it really takes a lot to really piss me off. My sister on the other hand, you can look at her the wrong way, and she flies off the handle. I use tact when I talk to people, or atleast try to, but my sister says what she feels with no regard to how it sounds, and makes no apologies for it. Sometimes I think that its a good way to be, but it really gets old, when she's mad at someone else, then calls me up and bites my head off for something that I didn't even do.
  • Yes, my brother and I are totally opposite! He's been in prison for about 25 years (off and on) and I would never break the law. But, it's really weird in my children. I have 3. My oldest and youngest talk a mile a minute, my middle child is shy and quiet to a fault. The oldest and youngest have BAD tempers, and my middle child is sweet and laid back. The 2 alike have dark complexions, the middle child is so light, she'll sunburn in minutes! It's really weird to me how 2 children born 8 years apart can be so alike.
  • pretty much
  • We use to be, but now we are a lot more alike other then the fact that I like guys and he likes girls :P. We are both laid back its scary we can sometimes finish eachother sentences.
  • Yes. There are 9 of us. In some ways we are the same, such as we all have a very protective nature with our children. But in most ways we are opposite. They are not very affectionate, I am, at least with my kids. They can be very selfish . I am not selfish. They are much more likely to follow the crowd, I am not. They are not the rebel type, I am. They will stay in the same situation even if it isn't working . I will not They will follow a lot of mainstream thinking . I research everything to death and think outside the box. Thats the short list. LOL
  • me my brother and sister are simmilar in that we all have the same temper - but for me, that is where it ends my brother and sister are so alike, they could be twins, even though there is 7 years differance between them, they are both mad on clothes, and their appearance and clubbing - whereas i dont really care about fashion, or clubbing. They dont read, i am a book worm, both have said they are selfish, my sister admitted she thought i was more caring towards others than she was. and i have been told i am not as confident as they are, and that i need to stand up to them lol. and just for referance, my little brother is the youngest, i am the middle one and my sister is the oldest.
  • LOL... YES! My sister was Valedictorian and graduated College with a 4.0. I was a sixteen year old pregnant high school drop out. Had 3 kids by the time I was 21. She was a book worm , I was a hippie. She had her feet on solid ground ...I lived on the edge. Amazingly enough she is my best friend. I've since raised a beautiful family was married 28 years divorced now and I'm in college after 29 years with a 3.8. She is my mentor with the books and I'm her's with the issues of life. Complete opposites we are..but wow what a love that exist between us!
  • I am the most reserved, where all of my siblings are very out there, in a good way. :)
  • Yes and No. I have two sisters. One looks and acts like me. The other does not look or act like she even belongs in our family. I told her as a child that she was the garbage mans kid. he he he
  • Yes. My brother is an active alcoholic, I'm a recovering alcoholic. He has no job,place to live,no money,no drivers license, no wife or kids, no car. He's a felon, I've never been in trouble with the law. There's probably more but I can't think of any right now
  • polar opposites.she is a soccer mom with a masters.i'm a heavly tattooed ex-con.we have similar I.Q. scores.
  • Oh yea,,, he's the good one. lol

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