• Yes! I would say so. The human mind has such a great impact on the physiological state of the body.
  • No, I think disease comes from pathogens.
  • Absolutely unless it's contagious like the plague. Heart disease, to even in my opinion Diabetes are triggered by someone uncomfortable with their lives. Most illnesses can be treated with holistic homeopathic medicines which are natural too. We live in the information age and the rat race can wear a lot of us down as we are dealing with the trials of every day life and the little special surprises that it has for us.
  • No..I think sometimes disease is just that..doesnt matter what level of ease your life is in :)
  • The" Dis-ease " I think causes a lot of things that could happen to us ,what I mean is we cause a lot of unnecessary diseases and yes we can bring them on ourselves , to a certain degree Good Question + 5
  • Wow, Babe, that's deep. But given my current condition as of late, I suppose theres some substance to it, as I was really not very "at easy" with my life as it were. And, as things have changed, so do they begin to improve, day by day.
  • I believe that it's a contributing factor.
  • Yes.absolutely. I believe stress is a main factor in disease. I have worked in the mental health field for decades now, and in a hospital setting for a lot of that time. More and more physicians are recognising and acknowledging the part that stress plays in illness, including mental illness. Stress (dis-ease) compromises all the systems of the body.....the effectiveness and efficiency of these systems is decreased, especially by chronic stress. Therefore we 'catch' pathogens; we ache; we have heartburn and indigestion(and worse); we have respiratory problems; our hormones go out of whack; our circulatory system breaks down;...and on...and on...
  • Yes - at least at the cellular level. Disease originates with something being out of harmony within the body. For instance, inflammation, the greatest culprit in disease is related to oxidative stress in the body which is a form of chemical imbalance. I think you were also inquiring about emotional and spiritual dis-ease and I would say that they were related, potentially correlative, and often causative. None of this is intended, in any way, to "blame the victim." However, it is a cause for hope sine there are some wonderful new insights emerging as to how to correct some of these problems. Good, thoughtful question.

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