• Cos lettuce Ice-berg lettuce
  • looseleaf, bib, iceberg, romain, red leaf, bronze leaf, green leaf, igloo, vivian, royal oak leaf, red salad bowl, endive frizz E, black seeded simpson, oak leaf, santa fe, butterhead, simpson elite, prize leaf, mighty red oak, little caesar, mesclun, summertime, green ice, buttercrunch, arugula rocket .... to name a few
  • hold on lettuce think about it for a bit...
  • There are really just 4 types of lettuces. Crisphead: like Iceberg Butterhead: Buttercrunch and Bibb Romaine: or another name is Cos Leaf:Black Seeded Simpson, red leaf, Green Ice, Oak Leaf
  • Lettuce is a very large family of vegetation. As I understand it breaks down into loose leaf (spinach, mustard, collard and other greens), head (iceburg, butter, romaine, etc), and root (salsify, sunchoke, etc).

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