• Weak immune systems.
  • I wonder the same thing myself. The other night my cat let up the biggest amount of liquidy puke that I have seen in a while. Perhaps they have very delicate digestive systems in some ways. The cat could just be sick and that is the way the body deals with illness.
  • Hairballs.
  • Have you ever tasted catfood?
  • First, they are not like people. They literally vomit sometimes, just to do it. They can vomit without feeling sick like we do. Some of the most common reasons are: Overeating dry food. When a cat overeats and the food absorbs water and fills the stomach, the cat will vomit it back up, same thing with eating too fast. Hairballs (everyone's favorite) if your cat is vomiting hairballs, try Vaseline. Feed it to them, if the cat won't just eat it (mine won't) try butter or putting it on their front paws so when they clean their paw, they have no choice to eat it. They can also vomit from changes in diet, or being allergic to their food. Since cats are carnivores, they have to be able to vomit on a dime. Kind of strange but it's true. Other reasons are stress, worms and disease. Remember some cats vomit several times a day and others every once in a while, but if you notice that your cat is vomiting more than usual or the vomit becomes clear to white in color, this could be a sign of feline distemper and should be taken to a vet ASAP!
  • It can be hair balls that make them throw up such a lot and also they eat most "anything", which if thet "anything" is rotten it will cause sickness.
  • Since cats constontly are cleaning themselves, they take in much hair and germs.
  • It could be from a different bunch of things, if it is presisting,then take the cat to a vet.
  • It is usually hairballs, but if she/he does it a lot go to vet and make sure they arent hyperthyroid (which is treatable with pill or with radio active iodine treatment) which my cat was and she threw up alot. also, they over eat, eat too fast or may be sensitive to the food. Stay on top of it and go to the vet if you cant figure it out real soon.
  • Cats ingest a lot of fur while they are grooming and some cats barf those up regularly. I also have a cat who routinely barfs up undigested food. I think he just eats too much in one sitting and up it comes. Thank goodness for easily-cleaned laminate floors.
  • Cats are prone to gastritis....
  • what did the vet say when you brought your cat in?
  • That's not normal. Try first changing the food. My black and white Avatar was vomiting too much and I discovered that it was the Purina Pro Plan Weight Management dry formula. I switched to Royal Canin and he got better. If it doesn't work, take him or her to your Vet.
  • it's their job....
  • Some dry cat food companies use bad ingredients in their food and call it animal by product or meat by product. It is often un-edible slaughter house parts or sometimes even euthanized animals. Research it. They really do put euthanized cats and dogs in some dry pet food. Animal food is not regulated so they put a bunch of stuff in the dry food. Thousands of animals are euthanized by control and humane society. Some animal food companies buy it cheaply and call it meat by product. Research it. Feed your cats healthier foods.
  • Because they lick themselves...a lot!
  • they have to lick themselves clean that is a lot of fur. sardines in oil helps or you can put plain vaseline on their paws they lick it off and makes things easier to slide through, vet approved.
  • Because they're filthy animals that lick all of the dirt and grease off of their filthy coats.
  • Hairballs dry food food in general Cat's puke over everything. Mine puked Just the other day... They just do it. They are the bulemic yoga freaks of the flexible world.
  • my roommate had a cat, which I lived with for a year. I've never saw her vomit.
  • my cats don't vomit take it to the vet
  • Because they have low self esteem and a poor perception of their body should take your cat to counseling! LOL
  • fi your veterinarian has determinend that hairballs are causing your cat occasional vomiting, there are several ways to help decrease their formation. give your cat a hairball remedy or lubricant, avilable at most pet stores, to encourage the passage of hair thri=uogh the intestinal tract.

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