• Depends what you're claiming the men think about. lol
  • Couldn't help myself by its more like men are just men...and women think & feel! soz chaps!
  • Well, I think AND feel. So, from my point of
  • It depends on the man/woman. It doesn't do to generalise
  • Look at history you cant change how were wired, men have built the pyramids, villages, monuments, nations because we concieve were thinkers, it took testosterone a hormone linked to risk taking to create these things, women simply dont have enough of it as a sex, what women as a sex lack in this area they make up for in emotional and interpersonal dynamics which is needed to make these aformentioned things running at its basic personal level, in a sense we live off each other and have different roles that of thinkers/builders (men) and social caretakers(women)
    • Linda Joy
      When I look at history I see that men are killers and women meekly run the world from behind the scenes.
  • Not at all. Men and women both think and feel.
  • Yes I agree. If men feel at all, they sure hide it well. But then again they are good at lying, thats probably why they hide it so well!!
  • No,we both think and feel,just sometimes on different levels at different times,depending on the person.This is stereotypical,though,and not true.*+++++*
  • No. Men and women feel and think differently sometimes. But, if they can learn to communicate, there is a lot to be said for both types of thinking and feeling. One type works best in certain situations...and the converse...
  • No not at all. Men are just as capable in feeling as women are, and women are just as capable in thinking as men are.
  • Men are more inclined to be able to suppress emotion. Women more often want to express emotion as part of processing information.
  • Partially true...personally speaking...although men can suppress their feelings and bottle it up...however there are also guys that are emotional as well...yeah they hide it infront of people but when they're alone...they usually express it so genuinely compared to women who due to being natural emotional blasters sometimes can fake emotions by thinking motives....hmm such complex feel and women think as well..... :)
  • No! I consider myself a VERY deep-thinker! And I can be pretty devoid of "feeling" at times; depending on the person and situation.
  • I don't think that anyone is trying to say that men ONLY think and have no feelings, or that women ONLY feel and don't think. I believe whats trying to be asked here is: Since women have strong emotions, what is the male equivalent. I've thought the same thing: Men think where women feel. This is my perspective on it. For example, you will get a man to respond much quicker if you asked him what he "thinks" of something rather then how he feels. That's not to say that he has no feeling about the question or issue. It only means that you asked him what he "thinks" and it's a much easier question for him to answer. If you ask him how he FEELS, he's likely to think to himself "How do I express "feeling" without being feminine." A lot of men just aren't well equipped with ways to express the feelings/emotions that they have (unless they are mad, they seem to have that one down pretty well). They aren't suppose to be, they aren't women. Men are raised differently than women therefore many of them believe that "feelings" are a female trait and by all means, as men, they must suppress that. (sorry for the sarcasm) hehe Emotions (with the exception of anger/rage (or the like) are almost foreign to men for a variety of reasons that would take up an entirely different thread. hehe One of the main reasons men and women argue so much is because of the lack of communicative skills in both men and women to convey, correctly, how they are feeling/thinking. Ask a woman what she thinks and see how long it takes her to decide exactly what it is that she really does think. Ask her how she feels and she'll quickly give you an answer. So, yes, I believe in the phrase "men think, women feel" it is true. We do what we are best at, don't we? Yes I agree with it.
  • i think quite the opposite.m a female and i think women think men feel or women think and feel too.
  • I would say emotion takes a bigger part in the way women think, if that's what you mean
  • Let me think on that a while and I will get back to you.
  • Agree!
  • Not at all. Both men and women think and feel.
  • Generally yes. Men think with their heads, women think with their hearts. Men are on the whole rational thinkers, how to get from point A to point B---they are goal-directed and straightforward. Women let their feelings get in the way of rational thinking, that is why they often get into trouble when it comes to romance and dating.
  • I think it is a stereotype that is breaking. I've noticed INSECURE men become irate on AB when they are questioned with rationality by women. They are extremely emotional and cannot control their frustration and anger. They are also the main ones who are trolls because of their emotions. This is based on my short time on AB. . In life, I see a mixture of both. I am glad that men are becoming more open with their feelings. Since I was raised more with the intellect, I am also trying to be open with my feelings, But Not on AB.
  • not at all
  • Yes definitely.
  • I think women feel pretty good.
  • I seriously disagree. Women think and think and think and think until they blame the guy for whatever they weren't talking about. Guys' eyes go to the boobs or the butt with on one single neuron firing.
    • Linda Joy
      Are you admitting you have absolutely NO SELF CONTROL? C'mon man!!! That's the difference between animals and humans!!
  • i agree how do you think kids came in this world men thought of sex then woman felt sex
  • Everybody thinks, everybody feels. Ayn Rand discussed what she called psycho-epistemology-a reference to an individual's method of processing information and drawing a conclusion. Men and women clearly have a different psycho-epistemology.
  • No. I believe both think and feel. Men do not show their feelings and women do, that is due to socialization.
  • Women in general are more in touch with intuition. In this day and age men have been required to get in touch with their nurturing side. Every individual brings different emotions to a relationship. If men are strictly the thinking ones, then why do they let one part of their body lead them around the majority of the time????????
  • General statements are often the most ignorant. No, I don't agree.
  • No. Both think and feel. Women according to my thoughts are a bit more emotional than men. There are reasons for it. I believe in this modern world of chaos women can do a lot better to control situations using their emotional power in the right direction.
  • Everybody thinks and everybody feels, just some more than others maybe.
  • sounds not far off
  • No. You're quoting an ancient, hackneyed platitude as obsolete as alchemy, astrology, and medical diagnoses according to the four humors. Your question is a cliché with no redeeming social or scientific value.  
  • I think women are more effective at feeling - that is they are aware of their feelings and better able to communicate them, deal with them and get over them than men. Probably better at hiding them from others as well. . I suspect that women live in a slightly different world than men do in the sense that male and female brains process things differently. This is not an attempt to suggest any one view is 'better' than the other but rather to admit that they are not identical.
  • Unfortunately, men tend to think with the smaller head rather than the big one on top. |:)
  • Women usually think and feel both in order to establish connections between people, to make relationships. A man's thinking and feeling usually destroys these connections so he can become dominant.
  • Disagree. From what I've seen in the news lately men have been getting in a LOT of trouble and loosing their jobs because they've been "feeling" far more than they should have!!!

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