• i won'T come, reason: too young
  • I cannot attend.
  • I've already purchased my plane ticket and won't get there till Friday evening, unfortunately. Wish I could though!
  • I might be able to. I really want to go to Disneyland or Knotts Berry, and going alone isn't much fun. I think I'd have to check with the person I'm staying with though, courtesy and all that... and then check my itinerary...I'm only in CA for 12 days (three of which are already taken up with the flights and AB meeting).
  • I definitely would. If I make it, I'll go anyway. Magic Mountain may be closing soon. There are a few new coasters there I haven't ridden (rode?) yet. As for Disneyland, I'm always UP for Disneyland. I'll also visit Newport Beach, specifically Balboa Island. I'll also take my daughter to Fashion Island. She loves malls. I'm sure this one will impress her.
  • Sure. I love Disneyland. Never been to the others, so heck yeah, I'd go along with whatever works. The first two photos are from Disneyland, the next two from Knotts' and the last two, from Magic Mountain.
  • Sure I'd love to, Disneyland is a puppets paradise and Six Flaggs has some wicked cool rides. Hurricane Bay is right next door to Six Flags. I'd like to go to Newport beach too. I just got a new swim suit.
  • i MIGHT be convinced to drive down if a trip to magic mountain is in order. what's got two thumbs and loves roller coasters!?
  • I want to go to disneyland..I really want a mouse ear hat with my name on it..LOL :)
  • That would be sweet. I can relive my days living in LA. :)

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