• No, I don't think so at all. To each their own.
  • Not at all, I dont want kids, some people look at me a bit strange when I say this, but hey, its my life not theirs.
  • No. In fact, I find it better that those who don't want kids, DON'T have kids. You risk a child being brought into the world in an unwanted situation which causes many problems. My boyfriend doesn't want kids either, and surely I must be fine with that to love him like I do? Right?
  • Not at all. I mean, if you'd otherwise end up raising them poorly or improperly, you're probably doing their theoretical existence a favor.
  • No i don't. I've never really wanted kids so i haven't had any......some people just don't have that desire, and i am one of them.
  • I don't think it's wrong. I don't want children. I love kids and wouldn't mind if I had one unexpectedly. I would lose a measure of freedom, and the world is such a nasty place to raise kids in these days. None of my reasons for not having kids would prevent me from doing the best I could to raise one though.
  • No or I wouldn't have made that decision with my husband. We ahve been married 34 years and have had a grand time just being a 2 person family. We like to spend our time together doing what we want, when wqe want it and don't feel a void that has to be filled with kids. We like young people and have often had them stay with us and go on trips with us. They like to come over and cook with me or go horseback riding. I gave lessons for many years. But I just never felt the burning desire to have my own children. It doesn't make me a weirdo or a selfish woman. It's just has not been my lifetime goal to bear children. I'm not going to have kids just to make someone else happy or a grandparent and to fit someone else's mold. I am my own person and have my own goals in life.
  • I don't think it's bad. It's a personal choice.
  • No it not bad.
  • No I do not , it is up to each person to make their life choices. Nobody else will have to look after those children you have the right to do as you choose with no recriminations.
  • Not at all. Many professional people make that choice. It's not mandatory to have children to be productive, happy individuals. In fact I believe with the way the world is going, (and it's NOT getting any better), that just may be the kindest thing you could do.
  • No, many couples just enjoy themselves by themselves.
  • No I do not. People are entitled to do or NOT do whatever they want. Having kids is a difficult job and not to be taken lightly.
  • NO, i think its a responsible decision to make. Not everyone wants to be a parent, everyones view of life is different. It porbably doesnt mean you dont like kids, just that you dont want any of your own. I say, good for you, enjoy your life and have fun.
  • Of course not. I don't want kids either.

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