• It depends on the strain and stage of leukemia, my friend has been dealing with leukemia since the age of 16, he has been in remission at least 4 times since that age, he is ok for abit then it seems to hit him again, he has managed to have a child too and carry on his daily life, last time i saw him he was hospitalised and neutropenic for at least 3 months, couldnt eat due to inflamation of sores in mouth, throat, and couldnt sit either, he'd lost so much weight due to not being able to eat but eventually he got cleared up again and is back to work :)
  • depends on the type your age and general fittness, survival rates are much higher today than in the past
  • My husband has ALL and is currently awaiting a transplant. However, he has pneumonia and a nodule on his lung. Does anyone know his chances of surviving this?

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