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  • It doesn't mean that you're relationship is in trouble;just that your mate has a healthy libido. Masturbation is universal. Married, unmarried, whatever. Suggestion; Next time you're intimate with your partner maturbate him yourself. It should remove any guilt he may be feeling about doing this and in will no longer be a solitary act but one shared between you both.
  • It means the guy like to have an orgasm. No worries, though, he'd still like to get some action, too. Given the option I hardly think he'd pick his hand over a vagina. If that happens, then you should have a talk with him.
  • nothing at all. i am in a committed 3 year relationship and i am 22. i masturbate like a 16 year old. i am just a very sexual person who gets aroused easily and would never cheat on my girlfriend. thats all.

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