• I think people are generally attracted to redheads. I think that all those times when people tell me, Gosh I love your hair color, they are not lying. So yes, in my experience, I think people are generally attracted to redheads. I think it catches their interest quicker, because they can tend to stand out a little more, but the interest may dissapate, because then they may think, oh a fiery redhead, which is a sterotype. Redheads are the first type of person I notice when I go anywhere, because it give me a small connection to them because we are both redheads. I also think that all those times when people tell me, God, I love your hair color, they are not lying. So yes, in my experience, I think people are generally attracted to redheads.
  • I'm bisexual. I have no idea why this is, but I love, love, love red hair on a woman and find it to be a turn off on a man. Sorry, that's not really an insight, but I see where your question is coming from.
  • wild in bed
  • i dont know any guys that think red heads are anything special.
  • Two of my wives were/are redheads. Pretty 'firey', both! ;-)
  • I dig the freckly dark eyed red head. Used to be a kind of quirk. Then I met my dark Italian wife.
  • I have known women who have this thing about redheads. My uncle, like me, has red hair and his wife told me she has always had a fetish for redhaired men, and there was one where she worked she thought was absolutely wonderful. She just had a real 'thing' for gingers. So women like that are out there! I think, regardless of what ever a girl says, they tend to go for personality the most. I have a thing for blondes, but over half the men I have been out with have had quite different colouring because I liked them personally. On of my best friends, who is stunningly beautiful, is going out with a guy with shockingly bright red hair - the kind that nearly glows in the dark. If we are just talking features rather than hair colour, he is nowhere near as good looking as her, on any level, but they have a lot in common and she asked him out. I think it is true a lot of men are magnetically attracted to redheaded women. But I wouldn't wish it on yourself. I work in a public place, I'm in my twenties and have a couple of very very pretty friends my age who work with me. They get asked out by teenagers, or relatively attractive men. With my red hair, I am the biggest weirdo-magnet I know. I have had lots of men ask me out - but not a single near-normal one. Red hair as a woman is like a beacon for odd men. Numbering among them: a glamour photographer who wanted to take nude pics of me (there is a market) a guy who became obsessed with me who told me he'd been training as a priest and had been celibate for 10 years, and wanted to break his celibacy with me - he gave me a 19thc 'last will and testament' as a present and when I told him I wasn't interested he said I was a 'wicked, evil witch' and 'may satan shine down upon me'. Mmm. The latest one was a man who got banned from the local theatre for mooning at the staff outside the plate glass window. Yep, I think the key term is 'WEIRD' obsession. I'd love for a normal man to find me attractive. As a redhead, I do find red hair on men attractive.
  • I don't know anyone who is attracted to redheads, male or female.
  • I am a woman and I have dated a couple red headed men :)
  • I think it would be a fair assessment that people find red hair less attractive. Saying that though, all of my exes have loved red heads (kinda sucks for me, being a natural brunette!)
  • men think redheads are hott then people with brown hair then blondes. they can't be ugly redheads though once there hott, man are they on fire. like once you find a hott redhead they are pretty damn hott and aprently some of them get tan.
  • I don't mind the color; I only prefer it to be their own.

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