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  • No one. Finally.
  • It is too late for me to make amends . I must live with the feelings of guilt and regret.
  • wow... great question. all the jobs i quit without notice.
  • My ex-best friend, who I stopped talking to three years ago. I've heard she's become a pretty horrible person, but I hate being the kind of person who completely shuns someone else. Also, my current best friend, who is extremely angry at me for going on a vacation with HER ex-best friend.
  • I have some cousins of mine that I care very much for that live in Austria. I haven't actually done anything harmful to them but with all the available ways (e-mail, etc) I'm ashamed I haven't been willing to communicate with them more, specially since their dad passed away. Your question was a useful reminder, thanks. I'll probably will do it later today.
  • I missed my oppertunity to. *the guy who carried me through thick and thin *the man I always looked up to but never told him I did *someone who gave me the lime lite, the spot light all the time and I never thanked him for it *a man who helped me in my career to the point I would have never been able to get to and never thought I would. (heck I never grad colledge and I make more than he ever did) I man who put his troubles asside to push me on through mine. My Brother did more for me than he did for himself. I guy who called me for company one evening and I was too tired to answer the phone,( then he blew his head off) I never knew he had marital problems. I owe him everything and never thanked him for anything. I never even told him I loved him. its too late for me. *tell the ones you love you love them. say your sorry while you can.
  • God, my wife, family, the world. I am an imperfect being and try to be a servant to all. In that I am also imperfect.
  • I would like to make ammends to anyone whom I have pissed off, accidentally. And by that I mean, not on purpose. I don't try to outwardly look for people to offend, sometimes because of my nature, It happens. Sometimes I say things that could probably be said in a lighter tone, or less harsh way. And if I have offended anyone without meaning to, my sincerest apologies.
  • My ex-lover!!!
  • This is one of the few times I will answer my own q. I'd like to make amends to my sister, for leaving her in the care of my Aunt, when she was living with me, because I was not economically, or legally viable at that time. And to my Mom, for putting her through the Hell of seeing her good, sweet son join the Marines to go off and kill his fellow man, for pay, no less, and then come home a changed, broken individual, who would take 15 years of trial and error to become almost a human being again. I love you, Mom. You don't have to worry about me, anymore.
  • I did all that stuff 14 years ago when I got sober. But occasionally I'll do a little patchwork here and there when needed.
  • almost everyone. i am sorry by now at least once to almost everyone. at least once. i am not a very nice person.
  • Hopefully no one. I am a Christian, and I've been pretty good.
  • My father. For never wanting to spend time with him when he wanted me to. I'm sure we could have had a lot of good times and great memories.
  • Actually its the other way around. People need to make amends to me for f**king me over.
  • apparently, Slothmister who has had a crazy rant at me for acidentally changing one of my questions...sorry, i havebt been on for a while and i was confused. i dont think i deserve the abuse but obvoiusly he/she does
  • not a single person. I've done that already!
  • I have finished that step in the progress.
  • I would also like to add my son to the list, as he has been through alot in his short years.
  • I've always tried to treat everyone fairly so as not to have to be sorry. I'm sure there are some who feel I've wronged them without my realising it, so I say "sorry" to them now.
  • Lady in the next bathroom stall. Mexican food for lunch;)

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