• why not?
  • Is that even possible?
  • yupper! I will qoute what I told my wife the first time she gave me one. "I came like a f#*&ing sledgehammer." It is a great sensation. I reccomend a good prostate massage to all men. Try it, you won't regret it one bit.
  • oh yes! try putting an ice cube upthere just before ejaculation. what a rush.
  • I feel so stupid for asking this, but where is the prostate? Is it inside or outside? That's all I need to know, to see if I can relate this to my ex.
  • I have never had that happen. I'd have to add that I have also had no iterest in any thing back there. My wife has tried to encourage me to try and who knows what the future holds.
  • My initial reaction was "No way." But now that I've read the other men's answers, I think I'll adapt that to "Well, ... maybe ..."
  • Not really...tried it, or my ex did. Nothing great. That being said, when I chose my HMO doctor, I made sure he had a small index finger:)
  • Ya. By cock.
  • my first gf i had at a young age who was much more mature than me dildofucked me like everyday, which was very embarrasing for me back then. anyways she turned me into a very submissive male and now im addicted to get fucked from behind. nothing compares and the orgasms are just raging.
  • Love it. An easy way to stimulate your prostate is to ride on you lady's leg and hump it like a dog, putting pressure on the prostate externally. I used to do that and stroke at the same time while she would toy with the vibe. I would also produce a tremendous amount of precum while stroking. I have also had intercourse with my wife while having a buttplug in my ass. That gave my prostate a stimulation internally. The best is just laying back and having my wife use a strapon, or dildo. The feeling of the dildo against my prostate can even cause an orgasm without touching my cock.

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