• It is defending itself with the full support of the West, because they are not going to want to lose their foothold in the Middle East, to much oil and other resources. The problem is in the Gaza strip made up of both Palestinians, Israelis and citizens from other countries, has been held hostage by Israel, with holding things like water and food supply. Hamas, is a problem for Palestinian citizens, and Israel, but Hamas was the only ones willing to go into Gaza to battle the hold on supply's. Palestianian and other citizens are screwed because not only are they scared of Hamas but also Israeli strikes. You can see the same in Ukraine, Ukraine claimed independence , but closest to Russia, you have the Russian side of Ukraine, where conflict has taken place for years, Ukrainian non Russian, believe that Unkraine Russians do not belong in Ukraine. Putin has aired the problems to the West about the infighting for years, but the West didn't give a damn, same as the problems in Gaza are also ignored. When you ignore something and only get involved when your supplies are threatened, or when things aren't going your way,it doesn't mean the problem wasn't already there. This is a game of chess where all parties (shadow governments/ mafia) have their OWN interest, why the hell would the PAWNS (civilians matter).
  • The people who are again demanding a "ceasefire" from Israel after yet another attack by Hamas should instead be demanding the surrender of Hamas and the immediate release of the kidnap victims they have not murdered yet. That is all they need to do to stop this war. Yet nobody seems to consider that. Just "stop Israel". 2/25/24
  • Everyone who is against the Jewish state wants to see the destruction of Israel - exactly as Hamas carried out with the October 7 massacre. Pro-Palestinians will say, this war between Israelis and Palestinians has been going on since 1948. It is true, but it doesn't give Hamas the right to massacre 1,200 people, kill pets, abduct 250+ innocent people, parade the dead bodies of Jewish people on the streets of Gaza, while Gazans were dancing on the streets celebrating, and expect Israel not to retaliate on Gaza who elected Hamas? 🤷‍♀️ That's why the (ICJ), the International Court of Justice gave Israel the green light 🚦 to carry on with their bombardment 🚀 🔥. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries are not doing anything to stop Israel, because they know Hamas is not worth risking their relations with Israel and the US. Which is why, Israel's goal is to defeat Hamas. A Hamas commander spoke out and said, Hamas is not surrendering until all Jews are forced out of Israel: God who fights for Israel will not allow it. Amos 9:15 "I will plant them on their land, and they shall never again be uprooted out of the land that I have given them, says the LORD your God." Unbelievers will wonder, how can a loving God tolerate the destruction of Gaza and its people? Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines, and are children of Dagon who have never known peace. The Israel-Hamas war continues. Gazans have to suffer due to Hamas. The Israel government has made it clear to Hamas, release all the hostages, surrender and Israel will ceasefire. 🛑

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