• Barney Rubble
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Yep, Barney repossesses Fred's TV set:
  • Robert De Niro. He is a legend.
  • John Garfield. From, They Made Me a Criminal (1939), Out of the Fog (1941) and Force of Evil (1948) to name some of his movies, he was made a criminal as the original film rebel who spent much of his childhood on the streets, were he ran with the Bronx gangs.
  • Joe Pesci. He is a total psycho in gangster movies, and my second favorite gangster actor. Besides Goodfellas that I have discussed: here is another of my favorite movie clips from Casino (1995): Don't ever go over my effing head again. You motherchucker, you. LOL 😂
  • Al Pacino, Chazz Palminteri, Ray Liotta, Armand Asante, Ice-T and many others, there is a long list of talented gangster actors to choose from.

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