• Time for me to possibly leave this site, too many heart breaks on this site and people upset me everyone should love each other.
  • They wouldn't get rid of you. You generate too much traffic.
  • Hulk is right. You mean a lot to Answerbag.
  • In response to your answer to the question, it is the nature of online people to say things that can be upsetting. Just ignore them people. “In one ear and out the other ear” is my attitude towards people who say upsetting things. You are letting them people bother you which makes them win. You can win by not letting their words bother you. Don’t let their words sink in. There are many people who are bad in what they say. Stick with the good people and converse with them. It’s better to communicate with those who are right for you. Love the lovers and dislike the haters. Please don’t leave Answerbag just because of those who say hurtful things. They should not be the reason for you leaving the website.
  • Gut feeling you would care or else you wouldnt ask. I only know I'd miss u.
  • I can't answer that one DWW, but you have always shown interest in politics or news outside of America, , and you have a willingness to consider other options, you are not stuck in your ways, both are traits I admire, I'm not on here as much as others, but I say sod the admin team and what they'd think, you have made a impression with me, and would be missed.
  • Yes, but they would have no reason to delete your account
  • Administration? This site is run by a bunch of GOOMBAS! Dec. 04 2023

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