• Depends what you ask him.
  • Nothing. * Could have kids * Could be a contractor of some sort * Could be a taxi driver / service * etc.
  • He has kids.
  • It means he is a minivan man or it could mean he thinks small
  • This is another case of "two countries divided by a common language," the vehicles known as minivans in the US are generally called MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) or people-movers in the UK. If we're using the US definition and I was going to jump to conclusions, I would assume he had kids, was a minicab driver or persued outdoor activities & used it to transport camping gear, mountain bikes or canoes etc. In the UK, a mini van is something completely different...
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Do you know how silly you sound for coming to Answerbag - an American website were US English is common to see? If you don't like the word "minivan" or actually know what it means, feel free to ask to me. I speak both US English and UK English. The link you added does not define a minivan. Here you go: "Minivan (sometimes called simply a van)" *Facepalm*
    • Professor Yaffle
      The phrase "two countries divided by a common language" was coined by George Bernard Shaw, who was commenting on the differences between UK & US English. It is generally taken to be humourous rather than judgemental. I meant it in that context, nothing I wrote was intended to cause offence. I am well aware of the US meaning of the word "minivan," I just pointed out that we call them something different here, then answered your question. I also said that mini van (rather than minivan) meant something different in the UK and posted a link. I know my link does not define a minivan, it defines a mini van, which is something different. Some may have found that interesting, informative or even a bit educational. You decided to respond in an abusive manner. There was no need for you to tell me to STFU. This site is dying on it's backside, I'm in WhatsApp groups with more active members. If you are going to make people from outside the US who are trying to share opinions & information with others unwelcome that death will come even sooner.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Quote: "The phrase "two countries divided by a common language" was coined by George Bernard Shaw," It doesn't matter what he said, since (he doesn't run Answerbag). *Triple Facepalm*
  • Minivans are one of the most practical vehicles, yet they are labelled in society and throughout the internet to be embarrassing, humiliating and uncool to drive. Nothing Is Worse Than Driving A Minivan by Scott Long: The way I see it, in a fast-paced world were transportation is highly needed, people have to get around some way or the other. Men who feel embarrassed to drive minivans have to accept and let society know that they are proud to be a husband, father and filling in the role of a soccer mom.
  • He's either poor, an environmentalist or rapist. lol
  • He might be transporting the soccer team. 11/25/23

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