• alcohol takes and extremely long time to expire, seeing as most alcohol is fermented, which means its already old. however, if i found an 80 yr. old bottle of Jager in my attic, i would still drink it.
  • I used to drink Jager at Igor's on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. I don't know if that qualifies me as an expert, but I have just oodles of experience with the stuff. I learned that, after the 8th shot, you no longer have an alcohol buzz, but that an "herbal" buzz takes over. If that means something like a psychedelic chemical, I can connect. Psychedelics that I have known, and there have been a number of them, all lost their punch over time. Other answer posters mentioned the long shelf life of alcohol, and I have no argument with that. But if the Herbal component dissipates over time, then old Jager wouldn't supply that comfortable Lucy-in-the-sky kind of titillation we so come to know and love. BTW, I gave all that up a few years back. That was the old me. I don't miss it anymore.
  • It would have to be something like 100 years old to be expired. Even if it was that old I would still drink it. Hmmm.. 120 proff Jager Imagine the possiblities

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