• I had to look him up. The spelling of the surname threw me off. I thought it was "Bly". I remember the story of him and the mutiny on the bounty and the sailors going to Pitcairn's island. I always thought the captain was an arrogant jerk. Admittedly, there was a lot of info about him I never knew about in the article I read, and his skill and determination were certainly worthy of profound respect, but it was his "people skills" that caused the famous mutiny, and it seems they really never improved as he aged. 9/14/23
    • 11stevo73
      it doesn't look like much has changed in 200 years. After the mutury on the bounty he was made governor of NSW that ended in Australias only military coup.
    • dalcocono
      So he remained an arrogant jerk without taking a clue from his past actions it seems.
  • Never met him personally. I'm not quite that old.

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