• Here's an article from the middle of last month: Doesn't say what happened to him though.
    • dalcocono
      Very interesting, thank you.
  • Travis King? There's a good chance we will never hear about him ever again. He ran away to North Korea because he claimed that he was treated unfairly by the US government. While he might have been, indeed, treated in a way unequal to others, the odds of him being treated any better in North Korea are abysmal. He's very likely been tortured and probably about a 10% chance he's already dead at this point. North Korea might hold onto him as a bargaining chip, but the odds of the US federal administration deciding to trade him for whatever North Korea wants is probably negligible, so the poor guy is probably doomed. Unless, well, there's a tiny chance that North Korea housed him somewhere, knowing that he's basically worthless to them as a source of intelligence, and maybe they just don't know what exactly to do with him, in which case he's probably okay, but is probably bored out of his mind already. In any case, I don't see there being a high liklihood of a positive outcome of any sort for his family.
    • dalcocono
      Yup, I agree completely, unless he can convince Kim that he's Dennis Rodman's bosom buddy.

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