• "We don't know what actually ignited the fires, but we were made aware in advance by the National Weather Service that we were in a red flag situation — so that's dry conditions for a long time, so the fuel, the trees and everything, was dry," according to Maj. Gen. Kenneth Hara, commander general of the Hawaii Army National Guard, along with dry conditions and highspeed wind, "set the conditions for the wildfires." While things like this can be caused by natural phenomena, for example volcanoes, they are almost always ultimately caused by human activity, like a campfire or even a cigarette, but we just don't know yet.
    • dalcocono
      Thanks. Is that what they're saying about the fires on the other island also?
  • energy weapon of some descption possibly project haarp why the people werent allowed back on their land for so long after the fire. Notice the surrounding trees weren't burn? Bryce Mitchell had this to say about Hawaii, “These fires in Hawaii, I don't believe that they were natural. I believe they are man-made. They're trying to take the land from the natives and I want Dan Ige, a native Hawaiian, to lead this world in prayer against the power of Satan.”
    • dalcocono
      Thanks. I read once that there are more Native Hawaiians living away from their islands than there are living on their islands due to outsiders buying up all the land.

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