• Most of the websites reporting agree on: Vermont Maine New Hampshire Utah Hawaii
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  • I don't believe any US state is perfectly safe. Its best to be cautious.
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      No place on Earth is perfectly safe for humans.
  • I feel quite safe here in Vermont. Lots of black bears, which very rarely attack people unprovoked, but not a lot of humans. We also have a lot of mosquitos, but not the ones that carry deadly diseases. Even the humans who live here are mostly harmless: lots of hippies and dairy farmers and sugarmakers. People mostly don't like living here due to the lack of conveniences. For example, if your water heater breaks, and you live in the city, you can call a plumber or drive to Lowes/HomeDepot/whatever and get it fixed. If you live in Vermont, you'd have to either wait for the plumber to drive up from the Boston area, or you'd have to drive up to Montreal to buy a new one, but, either way, you're looking at it taking 6x longer to repair. Or if you are bored and either don't like or are tired of skiing/hiking/canoeing/camping/mountain-biking/snowshoeing/sledding/kayaking, and you want to play laser tag or something that requires other people or a business, you'll be left wanting. Personally, I love it here except for the high taxes and even higher cost of living.
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  • Probably Utah. All the fun stuff is illegal including alcohol. You'll live a long life though, that's for sure. lol
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