• Its kinda like a certain someone I know, who says she's been vaxed but says its okay for others to not take the vaccine. Its like saying I don't smoke but its okay if I get cancer from second hand smoke. Take a look at this. Its about herd immunity. BTW I loved the cat-fight with Jenny Rizzo. You should do it more often. lol
    • Linda Joy
      You're as bad as Army Veteran to encourage such things!
    • Linda Joy
      "Its kinda like a certain someone I know, who says she's been vaxed but says its okay for others to not take the vaccine. " Its the opposite, actually. I do what I feel is right for me and let others make their own choices.
    • Linda Joy
      And I don't care about heard immunity. I've been vaxxed because I was on chemo when it came out. That's really not anyone else's decision to make. Some people had issues with the vaccine and no one knew for sure what it would do so people should choose for themselves not be forced to use it. And I'm o.k. if you disagree with that. You are entitled to your opinion.
  • People who are telling others how to behave are control freaks and unaccepting of differences in others. When people like this don’t accept anyone who don’t behave as they see fit are the ones with a problem. I don’t know of any Answerbag users like this so I’m just wondering how you came to that conclusion if you have not met them in person. Maybe your perception of that person who you refer to requires an alternative perspective. If it’s something they said to make you think this way about them, perhaps reaching an understanding between each other would suffice but sometimes different minds are incompatible with each other which can lead to misunderstandings and wrong ideas.
    • Linda Joy
      You are constantly asking questions about why do people not behave as you think they should, and you have asked questions exactly like I have here about me or something I said. And you know this! lol
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I never said the word “behave” in my questions which is something you assume I refer to when I don’t. Yet again, you have the wrong idea since I’m not a control freak expecting others to be a certain way. I’m very aware of differences in people which includes different behaviours. Each individual has their own behaviour which is something people have to tolerate. You often get the wrong idea about me because you know nothing about me.
  • I have a feeling this question is referring to a specific user. Without knowing who you mean I cannot answer it.
    • Linda Joy
      Then why did you blubber on about it without answering?
  • This is about a specific user, isn't it? You tried to disguise it by using plural at the beginning, but you switched to singular. You don't fool me.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh darn! And I was trying SO HARD to fool YOU SPECIFICALLY! Narcistic much? Yes its about someone in particular and I told him so even though he already knew!
  • Hmmm, I wonder who that could be? 6/10/23
    • Linda Joy
      lol. Its classified. If I tell you I have to kill you! lol
    • dalcocono
      Not to worry, I'm a good guesser. I won't tell.

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