• air and water. Ive had many a fight with people that by pass emission controls on cars. Why is it ok for some rich turn out to by pass the egr or dpf on a new toyota? I see plenty of 3 year old trucks with such mods.
  • The most important is the Triune God. Yahweh of course is the most important. Money is only a tool that doesn't get you anywhere.
  • Our mental health, the air we breathe, food and water and communication is more important than money because those things should come first although money is a way of surviving in today's world. Some things need to be attended to first before our wealth. There are certain foods for free when they grow on trees on a tropical island for instance and drinking tap water is free as well. Think about the things that come free before wealth and what is important to us in our daily lives for survival. Money is secondary to survival but unfortunately nearly everything costs these days when people make up rules and costs for things.
  • Our fellow human beings are more important. Without them most of us could not survive.
  • Love!!!

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