• I prefer old fashioned paper and ink. I tried electronic books, but didn't enjoy the format.
  • Hold the book as most books I look at are eirther manuals or standards I often like to look at 2 or 3 pages at a time to do that on an electronic book I have 2 big screens to do it on site a book or print outs are much easier.
  • I'd rather hold the bound paper book than the screen. I often read at night when I go to bed and the lighted screen just doesn't have the same effect on my brain as a regular book. 4/20/23
    • Linda Joy
      I have heard that the light from a screen or even blue or red lights in the room can cause sleep issues. Good point to consider.
    • dalcocono
      I believe that's true. That's why I try to read for a bit before sleep and after tv or computer screen.
  • I don't like Kindl or whatever is current. The books I read most are on history, archeology or gardening and I frequently skip back or forth to look for something that relates to something I've just read and I find that a pain with anything other than a regular book. That said, I would read something I don't already have in my library online because, like everything else, books have become ridiculously expensive. There are tons of books online at and Jstor, among others. And music- I'd never buy paper music anymore. There's probably nothing you can't get online and print out yourself.
    • Linda Joy
      I usually just use my phone and google read(whatever the book's name is) free online.
  • Because my eyes are bad I have a difficult time reading the small font used in most books, therefore I read electronic books because I can increase the size of the font.
    • Linda Joy
      Another good point!
  • I like paper books, kindle screens too bright, not sure if they have a blue light dimmer, or screen colour option, I sometimes have to use coloured overlays. I love the smell of a book aswell.

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