• What does that even mean 😕
    • Vampire Of My Own Heart
      Sorry. Might have been a late night post.
    • Linda Joy
      lol stoned again?
  • Probably not. What you see is what you get!!! 😈😉😈😊😈😗😇
  • Probably. Most people are. Do I care? No. If they take the time to get to know me, then they can like me or not based on who I really am. First blush from most people is superficial anyway based on looks or a knee jerk reaction to one opinion I voiced. Most people on here now don't know who I really am. They pick and choose statements I made to form a picture and its seldom the whole of who I am. Same with everyone else on here too. You can't know someone from a few comments. You might get to know how they feel about certain things, but I've been surprised many times because I thought I had someone pegged and they showed me a different side.

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