• Not really. NZ politics are not really in our media here. Probably about one in five Americans don't even know who the US president is right now.
  • Yes, Americans do know how to use Google. It seems that Jacinda Ardern is Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is in the news now because she has announced that she is stepping down from office.
  • Yes...Jacinda recently retired as the Prime Minister of New Zealand. During her tenure, she managed to tighten the laws on semi-automatic weapons after the massacre at Christ Church. She also helped to keep the spread of Covid to a minimum in the country during the pandemic. I became aware of Jacinda after Stephen Colbert had her on his show. It seems he had visited NZ & she had personally escorted him around the country. She seemed to be a very personable young lady & was sorry to see that she's stepping down!!!
    • 11stevo73 do you think shes a traitor?

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