• Probably. Someone extraordinarily lucky or knowledgeable might still have been able to buy low and sell high during that period, but most likely everyone who dabbles in Bitcoin has "lost" money during that period (in the sense that Bitcoin is worth a lot less now than it was). *** On the other hand, for those of us who are "holding on" or buying even more when the prices are lowering, reasonably we can expect a very healthy return on our investment...eventually. Ask this question again after the Recession. I expect Bitcoin will relatively quickly (within a few months) rise to its former heights, which was about 4x what it's worth right now.
  • No, not everyone. Those of us who never invested have lost nothing.
  • 11-2022 All time peak for BTC was Oct 2021 at $61K USD, pretty much all downhill since. Sure, if you happen to time a bounce and get out before greed set in, more power to you. Also helps if your exchange doesn't crash and burn.
    • 11stevo73
      What really happened to FTX? Who benefited?
  • It could be that some investors (those who understand the process) have learned that Bitcoin has a substantially negative effect on climate change.

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