• Why do you call it a failure? When Republicans regain control of the House, it puts them in the driver's seat - they'll be able to start investigating Democrats to weed out the corrupt and start impeachment proceedings against the traitors. I'd call that a "success".
  • WELL...(a) I didn't think we knew whether or not it was a failure yet (b) I doubt you're right about Trump, but I hope you're right. I think Trump is the worst candidate the Republicans have had since...well...honestly, I can't remember a worse. Even Tricky Dick (IMO) was a superior candidate. He has mass appeal, but it has always seemed to me that the majority of Republican politicians were only "with" him AFTER he won the nomination. *** But the point MIGHT be moot. If Trump is convicted of anything before the next election - and it seems like he MIGHT be - then he probably won't be able to win the Republican primary.
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      Why was Trump "so bad"? I keep hearing this, but no one ever seems to be able to cite examples beyond his ego. Yes, he does have an ego problem, but if someone applied to work in a restaurant you own, would hiring him depend on what religion he is? Look at the economy when he left office. He was trying to secure the border, other world leaders respected him. And you want to compare him with BIDEN?
  • The FAILURE is that democrats fail to acknowledge the FACT that republicans GAINED seats and they LOST THEM. Another failure is that they are programming the sheeple like you to actually believe their lie that they won ANYTHING!!
  • Many Repubs tried to distance themselves from DT but their pasts continue to follow them.
  • Certainly wasn't a failure for the Democrats in the US Senate. Now the majority there are democrats.

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