• I find it interesting that you see others who are not "in tune" with their emotions as being insensitive to yours!!! I believe that they ARE "in tune" with their emotions. It's just that they process their emotions in a completely different way than those of us who are "more" sensitive!!! The more sensitive get ignored because others don't (or can't) understand their pain; so they deal with it the ONLY way they know how...dismiss it so you can deal with it in your own way...they don't have time for such things!!! Are they wrong??? I don't see it as wrong for them; but totally unacceptable to those of use who see it differently!!! Actually, I prefer to deal with my emotions all by myself so I can solve the problem in MY way!!! 😇
  • Some people are sensitive to their own feelings, but are not in touch with the sensitivity of others. In this way they can behave in a certain way towards others and cause offense, and not understand, but when someone does the same to them, they feel hurt by it, but can't see they are guilty of the same act. People who are truly sensitive towards the feelings of themselves AND others, can see that their behaviour can cause as much upset as someone else's, and this is brought about by the "self awareness" that I mentioned in the other question.
  • There you go playing the sympathy card again. Why do you have such a selfish mindset? Just because you're emotionally unstable, does that mean everyone else has to cater to your insecurities? It may come as a surprise, but other people have their own lives to live and don't have the time nor the inclination to stop what they're doing just to give you emotional support. It doesn't mean they lack emotions of their own - in most cases, it simply means they don't need the drama.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      You have the wrong idea about me. How did you come to the conclusion if I am mentally unstable? That is an assumption and you don’t know me personally because we are strangers in the real world. I am not insecure which is another assumption you make about me. I understand very well people have their own lives to live. Everyone has their own problems
    • Army Veteran
      I didn't say "mentally unstable" - I said "emotionally unstable". I don't have to know you personally to know that you are emotionally unstable - you come in here every day and prove it.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      In what way do you think that I prove to be emotionally unstable?
    • Army Veteran
      Your actions speak for themselves. I'm not going to get into another endless debate with you over the obvious. If you can't see it, then you're in denial.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      The only way I can be aware of being emotionally unstable is if you specify what it is I’ve said to suggest I’m emotionally unstable
  • Everybody has enough problems already to be worrying about how other people feel. Human activity comes down to fulfilling wants. That's why people generally have a hard time expressing themselves.
  • Probably because you keep asking this same question repeatedly and we're tired of hearing it.

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