• My knee-jerk reaction is: Spinal Cord Monitor. At one time I worked at a hospital, and I helped design the hardware and solo coded the software for the Spinal Cord Monitor. The SCM was used during invasive spine and neck surgery (while the patient was anesthetized). If the surgeon cut a major nerve (typically unintentionally) during the operation, the SCM would within seconds detect that the patient was suffering paralysis. The surgeon could react quickly to "undo" whatever particular action that he had just done, and the patient would (hopefully) not be paralyzed when the operation was over. Although it didn't always save a patient from surgically-induced paralysis (such operations are inherently prone to such unfortunate results - thus: the need for the SCM), it probably DID save dozens of patients from that.
    • Linda Joy
      Way to go!
  • Stopping smoking
    • Linda Joy
      Good for you! That's really hard for those that are addicted!
  • I have to borrow a page from the great Erma Brombeck, you are a successful parent if your grown children are not in jail and can afford their own therapy. I proudly consider myself a successful parent.

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