• Jesus Christ doesn't have an account here that I'm aware of. I believe God, Jesus and The Holy Ghost are three separate entities that are one in purpose but they are all dieties.
  • Until I see Christians behave in a christian manor insetead of covering up for peadophiles I have no time for any of them. Say all the nice words you like until the church rids itself of every peadophile they are hiding I'll never set foot in one.
  • Please realize that concept contradicts what the Bible teaches - at least, with regard to the nature of Christ. (Other features of Unitarianism might not be contradicted by Bible teaching.) If we accept the Bible as true. then we must reject Unitarianism.
  • he was born a Jew and died a Jew
  • Certainly not. "None shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven Except through me!' John 14:6 - That narrows out other religions quite a bit. lol He's saying "Its my way or the highway."

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