• In my experience (at a homeless shelter / soup kitchen), the spraying does no good anyway. They have a "new" thing ("new" meaning: been around at least since 2000) called roach bait that works wonders. It actually gets rid of the roaches for weeks or months at a time, as opposed to the spray, which gets rid of roaches for a couple of days at most. *** SO: definitely time to switch companies. We switched from Terminix to Cook's Pest Control. Cooks used bait instead of spraying and the ever-present armies of roaches disappeared...and didn't show back up. Each month the guy would come in, re-apply bait in a few places, ask if we'd seen any roaches (we hadn't)...AND it cost us considerably less than Terminix and the worthless spraying.
  • The $300 was for the chemicals - commercially available that you couldn't come close to. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes to lay down a poison along pathways that roaches are known to frequent (pest control companies have spent years learning this). As for his "unfriendliness", perhaps you should have offered him a beverage. If you're disappointed in his work you can always buy some roach bombs at Walmart and do it yourself. They work well and they're cheap. The unpleasant part is covering all of the food preparation areas and other surfaces that you don't want to expose yourself to afterward. Don't forget to put dishes and condiments away (you may still want to wash the dishes when all is said and done). If you prefer to go this route, you may decide that the work involved isn't worth the $300 to the pest control company.

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