• I like the taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken best, but...a co-worker used to work at the local KFC, and he told me that it would be too disgusting and inappropriate to tell me what the kids working there would drop into the deep fryers. I haven't eaten KFC since. (It's been about 20 years.)
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      It is my understanding that you should never go to Fast-food at night. That is when food has been sitting and probably tampered.
      Considering how often the fryers are drained and cleaned and oil replaced with fresh, I suspect that it doesn't much matter what time of day you go. No matter when you go, you're eating whatever those kids are dropping into the oil. What matters is how well workers are supervised, and on how responsible the workers at any particular restaurant are. In other words: you should probably avoid such food, period, unless it's a restaurant where you can see the food being prepared after ordering it (often the case in particular restaurants - for example: some McDonalds, some Burger Kings, but all Subways, etc.). Such restaurants are inherently less likely to have..."adulterated" fryer oil.
  • I rarely go to KFC anymore. Its too expensive. I go to Church's Popeye's or Ezell's.
  • Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken for a fried chicken dinner, however Bojangles has the chicken sandwich that beats everyone else. KFC has been on a continual downward spiral since the Colonel sold it out.
  • Popeye's for lunch considering what I read below regarding what could be put in the fryers, oil.
  • Chick-fil-A is the best.
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      I agree.

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