• Adam's. When Satan turned on God, there were no "laws" to be broken. God's laws weren't established until Adam was created (who would they have applied to?).
    • Linda Joy
      Some of God's laws were established 'before the foundation of the world' especially the eternal ones. Satan and a third of the host of heaven was cast out of heaven before Adam and Eve were even sent to earth. Before God chose Jesus to die for our sins.
    • Army Veteran
      Before the foundation of the world, there was no need for laws - everything ran on a tight ship. Satan didn't get excommunicated for breaking any laws - he got thrown out for rebelling against God. They aren't one and the same.
  • Satan, then Eve, then Adam.
  • The term "Original Sin" refers to the original sin of mankind, which we (and the Bible) lay primarily at the feet of Adam, but which we can more fairly and completely lay at the feet of both Adam and Eve.
  • Adam I believe

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