• If they are, there will be a big hole in its place. I'm getting tired of hearing about Ukraine and how big bad Russia is picking on it. People in the West (including most of the people in here) want to make judgments without learning the facts. They're too lazy to find out what's really going on - they'd rather get their facts from fake news propaganda that feeds off of the sympathy they can generate. Anyone want to call me out on it, they're welcome to. But check out the following link. The photo is on the front page of the New York Slimes with a headline about a Russian attack on a train station - killing 50 people. When you're done crying and feeling sorry for them, you can explain to me why there isn't a bit of destruction in the photo ( happened at another train station platform and they were carried to this location - okay, if that's what you say). But...where is the blood and gore that usually appears on bodies that have experienced a missile attack? Are we to believe that those who recovered the bodies washed the blood from each one? Did they also sew the body parts back on? Because there's no sign of damage on the bodies, either.
      {{ }} The train station involves a lot more area than the building itself. Please check out that video. I agree that it is certainly an incomplete "montage" of the damage claimed, but it is also clear that the train station property was severely damaged by explosives of some kind.
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      That being as it may, you still haven't explained why all of the "injured" shown in the photo shows no physical signs of injury: no blood and, considering they were in a missile attack, all of the parts seem to be intact. What did they do - run everyone through a carwash before stuffing them in bodybags?
  • No. Russian heads have lied about very nearly everything to do with Ukraine before and during the war. Putin's former indication that he was going to make Ukraine part of Russia, and his current indication that he is going to make the southeastern provinces part of Russia, are both dead-ends for Russia, because either of those accomplishments will result in at least years of ongoing sanctions, which sanctions are already detrimental to the Russian economy. *** I think it extraordinarily likely that there is *in reality* no plan by Russia's heads to achieve some goal that will damage the Russian economy for years on end. *** So: their ACTUAL plan has to incorporate some method for extricating themselves from the severe international sanctions, and this over a matter of months (not years). Otherwise, the goal is not worth the trouble. *** Clearly they believe that the real goal (whatever that might be) IS STILL worth the trouble they are having with sanctions. *** The only thing *I* can think of is that Russia *IS* going to conquer the whole of Ukraine. Once done they will install a puppet government and withdraw their military forces. *At that point* the international community will withdraw sanctions. PROBABLY this plan will include detaining and/or secretly executing current high-ranking Ukrainian politicians. *** You can see how such a scenario can be expected (or hoped) to be concluded within a few months, as opposed to "publicized" alternatives, to which are attached untold years of economically-harmful sanctions. *** Conclusion: Russia is NOT going to do what they have been saying they are going to do.
  • It could happen

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