• Internet law isn't within their purview. You would have to contact the appropriate agency - the FBI's fraud division, for example. You can file a complaint online, but don't expect too much.
  • They have murders and rapists to catch before even looking at your complaint.
  • you are wasteing your local policemans time reporting internet scammers. Example If the scammer is a paypal scam paypal are interested. Forward suspicious email to when you report something report it to the institution concerned maybe?
    • Army Veteran
      I don't know this guy's political leanings, so I'm not going to accuse him of being a Liberal. I have, however, noticed specific patterns among today's over-protected youth that suggest that people who support strict gun laws believe the police can do anything. Their answer to everything that offends them is "report it". This person has obviously had a recent experience with a scammer.

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