• -1- more economical to drive (yes, still, despite your claim to the contrary) -2- more control over how the vehicle moves and responds -3- my guess is that it is about equally as reliable, but repairs are MUCH less expensive -4- though the unusual automatic transmission has 10 speeds, 4 or 5 speeds + reverse is MUCH more common
    • Army Veteran
      When shifting into reverse, both transmissions require it to be done manually.
      Well...semi-manually with an automatic. (No clutch required.) But yeah, you are correct. Some vehicles DO have multiple reverse gears, but it's unusual.
  • You don't drive a stick, do you? (It shows). Did you know that more gas is consumed when the transmission is in gear rather than when it is in neutral? Using an automatic transmission and stopping at a traffic light, it is still in gear (few people shift into neutral), and thus the gas is being sucked out. With a manual transmission, you're holding in the clutch which is the same as neutral. This is where the gas savings happen. Your claim that A/Ts get better mileage is incorrect and not researched.
    • Easygoing98
      Car companies themselves claim that their A/T has better mpg than manual version.

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