• Check out Walmart and Amazon used PCs. I recommend that you buy only Dell, as they have the best reputation and reliability. I've had very good luck with most of those that I've purchased. (To date I've purchased at least 5 or 6). One lasted slightly over a year, but the others have lasted much longer than that. *** The trick will be the video card. You MIGHT have some trouble finding a PC with a video card that good for under $500. (Note that video cards typically last much less long than the other parts of the PC.) However: the GTX 770 and Radeon R9 280X both date to 2013, so you MIGHT be able to find a PC with equivalent video performance for $500. The following list is useful for finding comparable video cards: {{ }} The CPU-integrated graphics found in Intel and AMD processors won't compare - not even with a 2013 video chip - so you need a used PC with a "discrete" video card. *** Note that video card prices are VERY high right now because of the chip shortage. *** Your best bet might be a LAPTOP. Note the "Ryzen 7 4800HS with Radeon Graphics". This is a laptop CPU with integrated graphics that is (slightly) superior in performance to your "target" graphics boards, and so you might be able to find a used "gaming laptop" that meets your price and your graphics needs.

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