• Well...traditionally it is identified as a symbolic depiction of War personified. The "horseman" takes peace from the earth (i.e. "the ground" or "the land") and carries (very likely symbolically) a sword. One might identify him as an individual or nation who causes the entire World to be engulfed in war...but that is most certainly conjecture, especially given the meaning of the word rendered "earth" in that time and place. (Hint: definitely does NOT have the meaning "planet Earth".)
  • War and destruction, as it comes with blood-shed, the planet mars is often called the Red Planet and is associated with War. If you are taking peace from the earth, then you are leaving conflict. Red is also seen in alchemy as the last stage of the Magnum Opus, which is interesting as the bible also states we will be washed clean by his blood. Ephesians 1:7. in whom we have our redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, But in the context you suggest it is related to war and destruction.

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