• It can be. A lot depends on how you take care of yourself and whether or not you make friends easily. Its a real bummer when all your friends and family start dying. Your kids grow up and, if you did it right, they don't need you anymore. The body ages, parts fail, sometimes you're in constant pain and you can't do what you used to. And if you can't work anymore, along with the other factors it makes you feel kinda worthless, as in your purpose seems to be gone. But if you take on a challenge, or rediscover a purpose, and make new friends its not so bad.
  • No one can stop us from getting old
    • Linda Joy
      Death can.
  • unfortunately there is only one alternative dying young. I've now drank beers for my brother on his birthday for more years than he lived.
  • not a problem when healthy
  • It's the knees LOL My mind is there and I feel's just the body is not keeping up.
  • Seems more desirable than the alternative of dying young.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Very wise.

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