• There's so many, and ancient (extinct), previously-unknown-by-modern-man civilizations are being rediscovered almost every year. *** I guess some of those ancient civilizations are my favorites, like the South America civilization that invented wheels (apparently independently of the Old World)...but didn't use them for transportation, or the civilizations that invented bronze (again: apparently independently of the Old World) while almost all of the remainder of the Americas remained in the Stone Age until European colonialization.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
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  • All are interesting but I think the Anasazi are one of the most interesting.
  • Navajos are really interesting to me. They have managed to hang onto their culture and language even thru the Spanish, Mexican and then American years. Even thru the boarding school persecution. There are still old Navajos on their rez who can't speak English or Spanish. Their ceremonies are mostly intact and they still use them. My own people only have 4 or 5 fluent speakers left, and they are old. The gold rush and the boarding school years seperated us from our language and traditions pretty effectively. Not those Navajos though! 1/22
  • As a kid, I liked the Apaches.
  • Apache

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