• ALL anti-virus programs slow down the computer that they're on. I've never noticed exceptional slow-down from AVG compared to others. Currently I use Win 10 (finally switched from 7 last year), and Win 10 is supposed to have near-top-level AV protection. I.e. good enough that I don't need a third party AV program.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for sharing
    • Hulk70166
      You don't want to set it to deep scan every time you open your PC. Set it Smart Scan. Also, AVG comes with nag-screens, to get you to buy its other products. They nag you all the time.
    • Hulk70166
      Also, AVG has been accused of stealing customer info and selling it. That's why I no longer use it.
    • Hulk70166
      I've been using PC's since 1997. I've used McAfee, Norton, Dr. Solomon's, BitDefender, Command AV, AVG, Kaspersky and Bitdefender. I am now using System Mechanic.
    • Hulk70166
      Don't use Kaspersky. The Russian government uses it to get information on its users.

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