• I am a rocker from way back.
  • I don’t play the guitar but I know how to have a good time listening to rock music. I’ve never lived under a rock but I know how to live the life and have a Smashing Pumpkin time although it’s not Halloween. Rock music is brilliant played live in concerts.
  • I love rock'n roll! Old time rock n roll: Rockin' around the Christmas tree:
    • Linda Joy
      I'll be rockin' 'till I die! I can't shake it like I used to, but I can still chair dance and when I can't do that I can still bed dance!
  • Only when I party like a Rockstar.
  • from the last couple of hotrod shows I've been too whats left of the old rockers are now in rocking chairs. My Dad was a rocker. He died 10 years ago. I still play his old rocknroll.
  • You tell me -

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