• To feed the Biden coffers and the rest who push the climate change lie.
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      Excellent Nov29.2021
  • Add the environmental cost to that. In 30 years your children will see the real cost when they have to deal with toxic ground water. Everything to do with Joe Biden is lies upon lies. Elon Musk is a snake oil salesman. Good on ya grandpa he's pulled a fast one on you. How is a demented old fool like Biden going to control corporate scum?
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      Excellent Nov.29.2021
  • Simply stated : the components are more expensive...particularly the batteries. (Compare the cost of several uncharged high-capacity batteries compared to the cost of an empty gas tank.) In addition : the batteries typically wear out after 100-150 thousand miles. (Note: I think some companies give lifetime battery guarantee to the original owner, but most do not.)
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      If they give lifetime warranties on the batteries it would be the dumbest mistake of their corporate lives. Battery failure is the major reason electric cars are up for sale by their owners - a failed battery "totals" the car.
  • Electric cars are quite expensive, because of the EV batteries and the materials that are used which are not cheap. Also, electricity isn't free.

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