• Amtrak's Acela is a high speed train in America which makes this question a lie. Next time you post how about doing a search to see if what you're saying is even true so you don't get a reputation as a liar. Its as easy as keying in this question.
    • Terrible Judge
      I mean high speed train everywhere like China, Taiwan and places in Europe. I also mean train traveling at high speed. Anyway, thanks for the reminder.
  • It's not the government. It's the logistics and financial return. These nations that have bullet trains - ALL of them - are ALL located in countries or at least areas in a country that are MUCH MORE DENSELY POPULATED than the U.S. Also: the average number of motorized vehicles per adult are MUCH LESS than in the U.S. For a bullet train service to make money - or even break even - it needs a LOT of passengers to ride the train EVERY DAY. * * * SO, it's not our government that's at fault. It's the fact that our population is - relatively - VERY spread out compared to China and Japan and Indonesia and even the European nations that are fooling with bullet trains. You MIGHT be able to make money with a bullet train from LA to Vegas, perhaps one along the west coast, and along the "northeast corridor". See Amtrak‚Äôs Acela Express, which runs along the northeast corridor, which I would not term a "bullet train" but which IS an unusually fast passenger train service, and which is financially sound, and which is going to be replaced by an even faster service (still not "bullet"-worthy in my opinion) in 2022. Here we have Amtrak taking a chance on a fast passenger service and making money...and smart enough to NOT try the same service anywhere else in the country, even after about 20 years of significant financial success with that one route. It's simply because you need enough people who want to use the train - instead of road vehicles - or the train will not be financially viable.
  • Send Biden to Indonesia - he'll put a stop to it.
  • Yes they will do so not too sure

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